Black SUPERB – Rucksack with expansion

SUPERB – spacious rucksack with a 5 litres extra expansion capacity

SUPERB is the biggest rucksack from JEVA, and it can be used by older children, teenagers, and adults for school, leisure, and travelling.

The expansion in SUPERB makes it possible for you to expand the rucksack with 5 litres – an easy and effortless expansion with a zip that goes all the way around the rucksack.
With SUPERB, you will always have a rucksack that you can adjust in 2 sizes: 31 litres and 36 litres.

Room for a computer is a must in rucksacks from JEVA!

The rucksack has 2 large compartments – in the back compartment, there is a padded PC-pocket, and in the front pocket, there is a tiny pocket with no zip.
It also features a large front pocket – the zips on all 3 compartments are protected with an overlap.
The front pocket features an adjustable line for holding, for instance, a bike helmet, a blanket, a jacket of a sleeping bag – inside the front pocket, there is an organizer and a mobile pocket.

SUPERB also features JEVA’s good back with 3 support points consisting of soft, padded cushions to distribute the weight correctly – the straps are shaped and the chest strap is adjustable.
Cool elastic bands for adjusting the straps and keeping them in position.

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In stock

Schoolbags since 1956

H45 X W33 X D18/21


900 grams


31/36 LITERs


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