Green City BOX pencil case

JEVA Green City BOX pencil case with 1 compartment and no writing utensils. The pencil case features a cool block pattern in green and brown colours, and black zip/bindings. This pencil case matches the schoolbag Green City U-TURN, which is one of JEVA's 2020 news.

Green City BOX - JEVA pencil case with 1 compartment

The BOX pencil case has no writing utensils, but features a functional flap inside, where writing utensils can be attached. In the large compartment, there is also lots of room for different writing utensils. The top flap features a mesh pocket with a zip. BOX from JEVA is super cool, and exists in the same colours and patterns as our backpacks, apart from the U-TURN colours - see all our cool designs.

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H23,5 x W9,5 x D5,5 cm


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