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Mobile cover with glitter on the adjustable strap. JEVA's Rainbow Unicorn SMARTPHONE COVER can also be used as a wallet, because it has a zip on the back and an inner pocket for cards.

Mobile cover with glitter on the strap

Every single Rainbow Unicorn smartphone cover is unique, no two are the same, due to the mix of many colours in the pattern.

Rainbow Unicorn mobile cover is made of smart and practical materials: polyester with a beautiful pattern in rainbow colors, pink bindings and strap with a fine silver thread woven in them.

Matches the rest of the Rainbow Unicorn series. The series includes two different school bags and pencil cases, plus wallet and mobile cover. The schoolbags and pencil cases also feature a beautiful Unicorn with glitter on its tail and mane.

SMARTPHONE COVER measures 16.5 cm in height and 9.5 cm in width, so there is room for your child's mobile phone. Below the flap you will find an extra pocket and a zipped pocket on the back so you can also use it as a purse.

It is equipped with a string so that it can be worn around the neck, the string of course has a safety clasp that will open if the child gets caught in anything.

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Schoolbags since 1956

H 16,5 x W 9,5 cm


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