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hibiscus U-TURN – schoolbag for primary school

Schoolbag for primary school girls - Hibiscus U-TURN, black and turquoise - Suitable for children in years 1 to 4

U-TURN is JEVA’s “hybrid” schoolbag, ideal for the first four years of school.

The four padded support points fit perfectly flush to the child’s back.
Due to the stiffened, ergonomically correct back – combined with a 7-centimetre adjustment at the top of the straps – the U-TURN is perfect for children in the primary school classes. Consequently, the target group is broad.

The U-TURN also has a padded tablet pocket, raised above the bottom of the bag. This compartment can also be used as an ordinary partition.

The lunch box is located in the fully insulated compartment on the front of the bag and there is a drinking bottle in the bottle holder on the side.

The sports bag, which is detachable and can be used as a separate rucksack with adjustable straps, is located in the pocket on the backpack’s flap. Remember to leave it at home if the child doesn't need it. This will give the child an extra compartment for secrets.

There is a broad piece of elastic on the straps to ensure that the straps remain in the chosen position when you put the bag on the floor. The elastic can also be used to gather extra straps when the child is cycling.

Write your child’s name, address and telephone number on the backpack’s top.

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