Fandango TWOZIP

JEVA pencil case with pink hearts on a purple background and two zips, also pink. The pencil case is equipped with nice quality pencils and coloured pencils, all ergonomic and triangular. The pencil case matches our beautiful 2023 schoolbag Fandango.

Pencil case with pink hearts

The pencil case is fully up-to-date with a name tag and room for UNI-login and copy card.

  • 2 pencils
  • 10 double coloured pencils from Penol
  • 2 double neon pencils from Penol
  • ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener
  • large pocket with a zip
  • transparent pocket for UNI-login, copy card or similar
  • name tag

JEVA's pencil cases have their own outer pocket on the schoolbags - that way the pencil case will not be loose inside the schoolbag.

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Schoolbags since 1956

H19,5 X W12 X D4,5 CM


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