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Smart school bags for children in grades 0-5

We would like to help you choose the right JEVA schoolbag model

Read our guide on how to choose the right school bag that meets the needs of you and/or your child.

JEVA represents Danish design and top quality

For more than 67 years, we have worked meticulously with the details. We have adjusted and further developed, designed, and at the same time maintained the best quality and correct ergonomics with low weight and 3 different back support systems on our school bags and backpacks - because children are different in build.

We have removed all the unnecessary and developed all our bag models to be practical, functional, and easy to operate, even for children.

JEVA has a wide range of school bags for both boys and girls, and for all of them, a gym bag, a water bottle, and insulated lunchbox compartments are included.
From 2024, insulation has been added to both the water bottle holder and the pencil case compartment, so it can be used as a cooler for an extra lunchbox if needed.

For both schoolbags and backpacks, there are matching pencil cases with contents of delicious writing supplies or BOX pencil cases without content.

We do not use licenses when designing the bags, but instead invest the money in constantly developing our various bag models, and often change colors, motifs, and patterns so that there is always a stylish JEVA schoolbag for boys, girls, young people, and adults.

We have 5 models in backpacks, covering age groups from 2nd grade all the way up to older students and adult students in need of a spacious laptop backpack with room for a 15" or 17" laptop as well as many books.

We also offer other school accessories such as matching phone cases, wallets, rain covers for the school bag, and separate water bottles, lunch boxes.

Bea Jensen, co-owner & chief designer