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About JEVA A/S

67 years and 3 generations of developing school bags, backpacks, and other accessories

bea jensen co-owner

Bea Jensen, co-owner & chief designer

Our history

It started more than 67 years ago with clogs, leather folders, and backpacks for many retailers in Denmark.
Since then, JEVA's primary task has been to make school bags and backpacks with proper ergonomics.

Soon, the hangtag on the products became the Danish flag with information about the product written on the back of the flag. We have now reintroduced this as our hangtag.


The same good quality

There are many considerations behind everything JEVA makes.
There were also considerations when we moved our school bag production from Denmark to China 25 years ago.

Fortunately, we found a production site with high quality, where social responsibility was highly prioritized, and we have stuck with this manufacturer.
Thus, we have maintained our good quality, our proper ergonomics, and our Danish way of running a business.


Every child deserves a good schoolbag

At JEVA, we like happy customers – and we have always been known for our good service.

But we also like to make the next generation happy, meaning the children who cannot themselves get/buy a school bag.

Therefore, as often as we can, we send school bags to Kembujeh School Friends and Ngayen Schoolfund, both in Gambia – two partners we have had for many years.

Both school projects are run by dedicated volunteers, and they do a tremendous job of giving the children better conditions for going to school.

In this way, we get to make the children happy while contributing to sustainability.

You can read more about our two partners here: