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Ergonomics and functionality are found in all JEVA schoolbags and backpacks

JEVA schoolbags are not just popular for their smart designs and colors. We stand behind the functional ergonomics - tested and developed over 67 years.

Ergonomic Back Systems

3 different back support systems guarantee that there is always an ergonomic JEVA school bag or backpack that fits perfectly on the back, ensuring correct ergonomics.

The back of the schoolbag or backpack fits flush to the back of the child, preventing air pockets. Our back support systems are soft, comfortable and sturdy – an ideal fit for the childs or persons back.

Ergonomics also mean low weight

JEVA’s schoolbags and backpacks weigh 580 to 1060 grams – the bag should not weigh more that 15% of the child’s weight.
Choose a schoolbag of low weight from the beginning.

The breast strap, which can always be adjusted, ensures the correct position of the shoulder straps – just above the chest.
All of the straps on our schoolbags and backpacks are shaped and fitted.

Beware of neck and back of the head

We avoid details that cause discomfort to the neck and back of the head.
For example, our detachable sportsbag is located on the front of the bag instead of on the top. It is also long and flat to keeep the weight close to the back or body and to retain freedom of movement.
We also gave thought to functionality to ensure that it is easy to get to the bags’s other compartments when the sportsbag is attached

EASY-BELT – elastic waist band

From 2022, we have added a smart elastic EASY-BELT on all the schoolbags on the following models:


The waist band is placed above the hip, so it feels comfortable when the child is sitting down, biking or just generally moving.


Ergoterapeut Helle Hammer Mortensen
Helle Hammer Mortensen, Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist, Helle Hammer Mortensen:

As an occupational therapist, I always enjoy seeing children with their school bags carried correctly on their backs.

I would like to recommend school bags from JEVA, as the models are well thought out and tested over many years.
The school bags are easy for children to use themselves, they have many good details, and there are sizes that fit all children.

My attention is often drawn to children whose bags do not fit their size, for example, the little girl with the school bag, which she is almost falling backward to carry because it is too big behind.
Or the larger boy who has loosened the shoulder straps so much that the bag hangs too loosely on his back and buttocks.
The smaller children who cycle with their jackets open and the bag on their shoulders, but no straps are tightened - everything is flapping around them.

Unfortunately, I also see examples where the bags are so high at the neck that the child cannot see properly either to the side or backward.

One should be careful that the school bag does not become too heavy. Remember that the bag weighs something in itself - including lunchbox, pencil case, books, tablet, gym clothes, and even an empty water bottle.
Therefore, JEVA's school bags are a good choice, as they do not weigh much from the start: from 580 - 985 grams. The good ergonomics and weight distribution are also related to the low weight.

Teach your child to tidy up the bag daily so that only the necessary items come to school.
It is also important to tighten the shoulder straps when the bag is on the back, so it fits the child's clothing both summer and winter, and always fasten the chest strap so that the shoulder straps do not slip off the shoulders and also the waist belt if the bag has one.

Correct ergonomics & functionality

  1. GREAT ERGONOMICS ALSO MEANS LOW WEIGHT! Buy a school bag that doesn't weigh much. JEVA's school bags and backpacks weigh only 580 - 985 grams.
  2. Correct weight distribution is achieved by choosing a school bag that is not deep, so the heavy books are placed as close to the back as possible.
  3. It is an advantage to choose a school bag with a large, insulated lunchbox compartment. Some schools have refrigerators, but the vast majority of school children store their lunchboxes in their school bags.
  4. Consider functionality when buying a school bag - we believe it's important that the child can open, close, adjust, and operate their school bag completely independently.
  5. Choose a school bag where nothing interferes with the neck and back of the head. A good example is the gym bag - on a JEVA school bag, this is placed in front instead of on top of the school bag - maintaining freedom of movement.
  6. We use recycled materials in production - this has always been a completely natural choice for us.
  7. Wide elastic on the straps for collecting excess strap and to keep the chosen strap position in place.
  8. You can wash our school bags and backpacks in the machine at 30°C. Then hang the bag up for drip or air drying with the bottom up 🙂

Back to school with JEVA's ergonomic back support systems


FOAM-BACK can be found on our school bags BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE.
In collaboration with a chiropractor, we have developed our popular FOAM-BACK, which has become a success among school children due to its many qualities:

  • Soft pads that conform to the back and retain their shape, year after year, following the child's back without leaving "air holes" between the school bag's back and the child's back.
  • An ergonomically correct back support on a school bag is a back support that does not press into the child's back and cause discomfort, nor does it arch out, creating a "gap".
  • The material of the back is very light, which keeps the weight of the school bag down. This is highly valued as a child should only carry 10-15% of their own weight.


Schoolbag U-TURN, START-UP, SQUARE, SURVIVOR and SUPREME rucksacks are equipped with SUPPORT-BACK.
The SUPPORT-BACK is an ergonomic back with 3-point support provided by soft, padded panels to give ideal weight distribution.


The PANEL-BACK is ergonomic and soft, and fits flush to the person’s back along the entire carrying surface and is fitted with soft support panels that also provide exxcellent ventilation.
The sturdy yet soft foam adapts to the shape of the person’s back.