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Pencil cases from JEVA are both functional, easy to operate and free from all harmful substances.

JEVA pencil cases in smart designs and colours for girls and boys of all ages

Our pencil cases are available in a variety of models, and they all match the designs of our schoolbags and backpacks. In all of our models - except BOX - good quality writing utensils are included in the price.

Ergonomic pencils, coloured pencils, rubber, ruler and pencil sharpener. From January 2018 the new colours in models ONEZIP and TWOZIP, features transparent pocket for UNI-login and copy-card.

The cases fit into the pockets of the schoolbags, and there are 3 different models: ONEZIP, TWOZIP and BOX. We have over 100 different, which you can choose from here on the page.

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