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Which schoolbag is the best one?
This is JEVA’s guide to help you choose the best model

Schoolbag for pre-preparatory class children – what is important?

After the summer holidays, a new school year starts and JEVA would like to help you choose the right, and maybe the very first, schoolbag for your child for him/her to have the perfect start!

The right schoolbag must be a perfect fit for the size of your child, but it must also meet the requirements of your child’s daily life at school. It is important that the schoolbag fits perfectly on the back and that the bag is designed in a way that makes it easy to use. On a JEVA schoolbag, it is easy to use all the compartments, also with the sports bag placed on the front and in use. The sports bag is easy to detach and attach.

JEVA designs parent and child friendly schoolbags that cannot be packed the wrong way.
Both START-UP, BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE have been designed with clearly separated compartments and, because the book compartment is not too deep, the bag cannot be overfilled, simply because there is not enough room for that – this guarantees a perfect weight distribution in the bag. If the book compartment is too deep, the contents will be able to move away from the child’s back reducing carrying comfort. The heaviest items in the bag should always be as close as possible to the child’s back.

Different schools use different teaching materials, and some schools use more books than others.
If the child needs a schoolbag with a large book compartment, we recommend the model called PRACTISED, a cool bag with a practical distribution that can follow the children up until 3rd grade.

INTERMEDIATE – perfect schoolbags for beginners

All three models contain an insulated lunch box compartment. All three models come with a sports bag and a drinking bottle included, and both, together with the pencil case and the lunch box, have their own specific place, which makes it easy to use a JEVA schoolbag the right way, both for you as a parent and for your child. This is nice to know when you cannot be with your child all the time.

Here you see a BEGINNERS with a laptop in the designated compartment
Here you see a BEGINNERS with a laptop in the designated compartment

All JEVA bags have room for tablet/PC/computer, also the models for the youngest school children, which feature a padded pocket slightly raised from the bottom of the bag against the child’s back, which is to make sure that the heaviest items are carried as close to the body as possible. The compartment can also be used as a divider.


Schoolbags for middle school children

For the larger children, we offer the U-TURN model, which we call a ”hybrid” schoolbag because of its extra 7 cm adjustment on the top part of the shoulder straps, which makes it perfect for 1.-4. grade.

From 3rd grade, the children need a larger book compartment and, obviously, the schoolbag must have room for a PC.

U-TURN is perfect for children in 1.-4. grade
U-TURN is perfect for children in 1.-4. grade

U-TURN, together with JEVA’s smallest and most popular backpack model, SQUARE, meets both requirements, and they are both perfect for middle school students.
These two models feature an integrated sports bag, which is a detachable mini backpack that can be used on its own, and a large, insulated lunch box compartment – because, even though most schools offer access to a fridge, not all children remember to use it. The complementary drinking bottle is placed in the holder on the side of U-TURN.

School rucksacks for teenagers and adults

School rucksacks for teenagers and adults
Here you see a SQUARE to your left and a SUPREME to your right.

We recommend our lightweight SURVIVOR backpack from 4th grade. It features no sports bag, but 2 large book compartments and a front pocket with a detailed organizer.

JEVA supreme backpack
This is how SUPREME looks with the mini backpack detached.

SUPREME looks very much like SURVIVOR, but it features an extra 10 litres sports bag/mini backpack on the front, which is easy to detach when not in use and can be used on its own as a tiny backpack.

We call it a 2-in-1 backpack. It is perfect for older children from 4th grade and up, but also for teenagers and adults who need a spacious schoolbag.

The schoolbags for lower and upper secondary education and for higher education levels are what we call backpacks. More space is required, and it is important that the backpack itself does not weigh too much.

survivor rucksack
SURVIVOR backpacks

The BACKPACK model only weighs from 500 grams depending on the fabric used. It can carry 31 litres distributed in 2 large compartment and features a cool and detailed organizer and a 15” laptop pocket.

Our largest backpack is called BACKPACK XL. It can carry 33 litres and is different from the smaller model in offering a separate compartment for a large 17” laptop. Apart from an extra big main compartment, it features many pockets.

JEVA offers a wide selection of schoolbags and backpacks

The JEVA brand is known for their cool, fresh, and colourful designs, especially for the beginner schoolbags, featuring pictures of horses, dinosaurs, cars, etc., that the kids love.
As the children grow older and need new schoolbags, JEVA makes sure to match with good style and design, to be able to offer schoolbags that are perfect for your young children or teenagers or yourself, both in size and expression. Have a look around the shop for news for the school year 2021 and for good offers on bags from previous collections at a reduced price.

JEVA hang-tag

Choose the right model!

Children of the growing age need to change their schoolbag around every year and a half. Younger children grow a lot, and it is important to always choose a bag that fits perfectly to the body and the back that need to carry it.

JEVA has developed ergonomic schoolbag models for all ages, from preschool to higher education, and you will always be able to find a schoolbag that fits yourself or your child.

Use the diagram to compare size and weight of all models

Find the individual models in our shop


Read more about correct ergonomics,
which is near to JEVA’s heart ♥


…And about our 3 different
ergonomic systems for back support

Back Support

Watch your bag/back - choose a JEVA schoolbag


Ergonomics, high quality and functionality? Choose JEVA schoolbags and backpacks!

Watch Tristan buying his new JEVA lightning SQUARE backpack.

Did you know, that the bag should not weigh more than 15% of the child’s weight? U-TURN weigh 932 grams.

Find more information about ergonomics here.


Emilja fancies the JEVA INTERMEDIATE schoolbag, which weigh only 932 grams.
Emilja is choosing the color disco tango.

Choose a schoolbag with low weight, adjustable straps and breast strap, and good ergonomics.

Emilja is choosing her new schoolbag

Best deals on schoolbags for children

The Mermazing and Monster Truck Dragon series consist of 2 different discounted school bags as well as matching pencil cases, smartphone cover and wallet.

In the smallest model BEGINNERS a drinking bottle and a nice gym bag/mini rucksack are included in the price. The gym bag has its own compartment at the top of the bag, from which it can be hung when in use, or stored in when there is no sport on the schedule.

The slightly larger model INTERMEDIATE has room for a little more, both in the book compartment and in the detachable gym bag.

Both school bags have an internal pocket for a 12″ laptop or tablet, a large insulated lunch box compartment, a compartment for a pencil case, external drinking bottle holder incl. drinking bottle and plenty of reflectors.

They are easy for the child to operate themselves, and are of course ergonomically designed with shaped shoulder straps, adjustable chest strap, elastic waist band and JEVA’s popular and patented FOAM-BACK back system.


For over 66 years now, we have worked on details, adjustments, developments and designs and yet still retained the best quality and correct ergonomics.

We have removed all superfluous features and designed all of our schoolbags and backpacks to be functional and easy to use, even for a child.

Ergonomics, high quality, sports bag, drinking bottle, lunch box and fully insulated lunch box compartment are merely a few of the hallmarks of a JEVA.

We have 5 different backpacks – SQUARE, SURVIVOR, SUPREME, BACKPACK and BACKPACK XL.

SQUARE is usually bought for 8 – 10 year old children. SURVIVOR and SUPREME are perfect backpacks for older school children, teenagers and adults.
SURVIVOR, BACKPACK and BACKPACK XL are suitable for anyone – teenagers and adults, school and university, leisure activities, a day in the country, or travelling and holidays.

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