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How to choose the right school bag

Which school bag is best? JEVA guides you in choosing the right schoolbag model, and of course there are also various matching pencil cases and accessories, so you can put together your absolute favourite set for the start of school :)

INTERMEDIATE for children in 0-3 class

INTERMEDIATE for children in 0-3 class

School bags for young children – what is important?

After the summer holidays, a new school year begins, and JEVA would like to help you choose the perfect, and perhaps the very first school bag for your child, so he/she can have a perfect start to school!

The right school bag must fit your child's body size but also meet the requirements of the school day. It is important that the school bag fits perfectly on the back and that the bag is designed in a way that makes it easy for the child to use. In a JEVA bag, it is easy to access all the compartments, even when the gym bag is attached at the front and in use. The gym bag can be easily taken off and put on.

JEVA makes parent and child-friendly school bags that cannot be packed incorrectly

Both START-UP, BEGINNERS, and INTERMEDIATE are designed with good compartmentalization, so the book compartment is not deep, which means that the school bag cannot be overfilled – there simply isn't room – thus guaranteeing perfect weight distribution in the bag.
If the book compartment in a school bag is too deep, the contents can move away from the child's back – causing poor carrying comfort. The heaviest items in the bag should always lie as close to the child's back as possible.

Different schools use different teaching materials – some schools use more books in teaching than others. If the child needs a school bag with a large book compartment, we recommend the PRACTISED model, which is a smart and well-designed bag that can be used up to 3rd grade. All three models have insulated lunch box compartments.

Common to the models is also that they come with a gym bag and a drinking bottle, and these two items, like the pencil case and lunch box, have their own place – so it is quite easy to use a JEVA school bag correctly – both for you as a parent and also for your child – it's nice to know, since you cannot be with the child all the time.

From 2024, BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE have been upgraded with insulation in the pencil case compartment, so it can be used for extra food storage, and the drinking bottle holder has also been insulated.

beginners schoolbag with PC pocket

Here you see a BEGINNERS school bag with a 12" laptop in the PC pocket

All JEVA bags have space for a tablet/PC/computer, even in the models for the very young school children, where we have inserted a padded pocket that sits slightly elevated from the bottom of the bag and close to the child's back, to ensure that the heaviest items are carried as close to the body as possible. The pocket can also be used as a divider.

u-turn school bag for grades 1-5

The U-TURN schoolbag is suitable for children in 1st-4th grade

School bags for older children

For the slightly older children, we have created the U-TURN model, which we call a "hybrid" school bag because of its extra 7 cm adjustment option at the top of the shoulder straps, making it usable from 1st to 4th grade.

From 3rd grade, children need a larger book compartment, and of course, the school bag must also hold a PC.

U-TURN and JEVA's smallest and very popular backpack model SQUARE meet both requirements and are perfect options for a school bag for middle school.

These two models have a gym bag integrated as a detachable mini-backpack that can also be used alone, and they have a large insulated lunch box compartment, as most schools have refrigerators, but not all children remember to put their lunch boxes in them.

The drinking bottle, which comes with the purchase, sits in the holder on the side of the U-TURN.

Use the table to compare the dimensions and weight of all the models.

Use the chart to compare measurements and weight on all models

measurement chart

schoolbags for 3-6 class

Here you see a SQUARE on the left, and a SUPREME on the right

School backpacks for teens and adults

From 4th grade, we recommend our lightweight SURVIVOR backpack. It does not have a gym bag and has 2 large book compartments as well as a front compartment with a detailed organizer.

SUPREME is similar to SURVIVOR, but has a smart extra 10-liter gym bag/mini backpack in front, which can easily be detached when not needed, or it can be used alone when only a small backpack is needed.

We also call it a 2-in-1 backpack, and it is equally suitable for older children from 4th grade, as well as for teens and adults who need a spacious school bag.

In 2023, SUPREME was updated with a large insulated lunch box compartment.

school backpack for young people and adults

The SURVIVOR school backpack is perfect as a school bag for teens and adult students.

We call the school bags for secondary school, high school, and higher education, backpacks.
Here, the requirements for the bag's volume are much greater, and therefore it is especially important that the backpack itself does not weigh too much.

The model BACKPACK weighs only 500 grams depending on the fabric used. It holds 31 liters divided into 2 large compartments, and has a smart and detailed organizer as well as a 15” laptop pocket.

Our largest backpack we call BACKPACK XL. It holds 33 liters, and in addition to the smaller model, you get a separate compartment for a large 17” laptop. Besides an extra-large main compartment, it is equipped with many pockets.