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Lunch boxes and drinking bottles that suits our schoolbags


Here you will find practical air- and liquid-tight lunch boxes that fit the insulated lunch box compartment of our school bags and backpacks, in which the food can stay fresh and cool.

We also sell different drinking bottles with spouts that fit into the drinking bottle holders on JEVA's smart and functional schoolbags and rucksacks.

We offer lunch boxes and drinking bottles from both Plast Team, Mepal and Sistema.

Starting with JEVA's 2022 collection, the drinking bottle from Plast Team is included in our school bags.
If you need an extra drinking bottle, you can buy one separately here.

Some school pupils need a large lunch box with several compartments, others a compact, small lunch box.
We offer lunch boxes in all sizes - take a look and find the products that suits you and the school bag you want to use.

All the products are of course free of chemicals and harmful substances.

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Lunch boxes and drinking bottles
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