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Safety equipment

Safe in traffic with reflectors and lights

All our schoolbags and rucksacks are equipped with good reflectors in all the right places on the bag, but we still think it is a good idea to have extra reflectors to put on the child's clothes or on the schoolbag and gym bag.

Here you can buy extra safety in the form of loose reflectors and waterproof lights in different colours.

The reflectors are available in many fun shapes with cute motifs, and most of them have elastic cords and hooks, so they can be easily attached to coats, jackets, bags and various zips.

Also take a look at the smart round reflectors that are self-adhesive and can be attached to clothes, bags or the bicycle frame.

All reflectors are good, large sizes and very powerful, so they can be seen from up to 130 meters away.

The reflectors are produced in Europe and are of course all CE approved - they come from SOFTREFLECTOR, which is our partner - the factory is in Tallinn.
SOFTREFLECTOR is a company with all the standards in order, and beyond that we think they make the cutest and coolest reflectors, which really go well with JEVA's universe for children.

With these fine reflectors, it is a bonus that the children love to hang pendants on their schoolbags and backpacks

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Safety equipment
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