Ergonomics and functionality can be found in all JEVA’s schoolbags and backpacks

Long experience of correct ERGONOMICS and functionality
– we’re proud of the fact!


3 different back support systems ensure that there is always a JEVA schoolbag or backpack to fit your back perfectly, ensuring correct ergonomics.

The back of the schoolbag or backpack fits flush to the back of the child, preventing air pockets. Our back support systems are soft, comfortable and sturdy – an ideal fit for the childs or persons back.


JEVA’s schoolbags and backpacks weigh 580 to 985 grams – the bag should not weigh more that 15% of the child’s weight.
Choose a schoolbag of low weight from the beginning.

The breast strap, which can always be adjusted, ensures the correct position of the shoulder straps – just above the chest.
All of the straps on our schoolbags and backpacks are shaped and fitted.


We avoid details that cause discomfort to the neck and back of the head.
For example, our detachable sportsbag is located on the front of the bag instead of on the top. It is also long and flat to keeep the weight close to the back or body and to retain freedom of movement.
We also gave thought to functionality to ensure that it is easy to get to the bags’s other compartments when the sportsbag is attached.

EASY-BELT – elastic waist band

From 2022, we have added a smart elastic EASY-BELT on all the schoolbags on the following models:


The waist band is placed above the hip, so it feels comfortable when the child is sitting down, biking or just generally moving.

our schoolbags now have a waist band

Don't forget to watch your bag/back!

Helle Hammer Mortensen, occupational therapist

Helle Hammer Mortensen, occupational therapist

Occupational therapist, Helle Hammer Mortensen:

As an occupational therapist I am always happy to see children with their schoolbag on their backs.
I would like to recommend JEVA schoolbags, because the models are carefully thought out and tested during many years. The schoolbags are easy for the children to use, they are equipped with many good features and there are sizes that fit all children.

My eyes are often caught by children with schoolbags of the wrong sizes, like a tiny girl who is almost falling over because her schoolbag is too big and heavy on the backside. Or the bigger boy who has loosened the shoulder straps so much that the bag is hanging way too loose on his back and behind.
The smaller children biking with their jacket open and the bag on their shoulders, but the straps have not been tightened and everything is flapping around them.

Unfortunately, I also see examples of bags that are so high up on the neck that the child cannot look to the sides or back.

It is important to make sure the schoolbag is not too heavy. Remember that the bag has a weight in itself – as do the lunch box, pencil case, books, tablet, sports clothes and even an empty water bottle. Therefore, JEVA’s schoolbags are an excellent choice because they are lightweight: 580-982 grams. Good ergonomics and the correct distribution of the weight are also connected with the low weight.

Teach your child to clean up the bag every day, so he or she only carries the most necessary things to school.
It is likewise important to tighten the shoulder straps when the bag is on the back, so it fits to the clothing of the child both summer and winter, and always to fasten the chest strap to keep the shoulder straps from slipping over the shoulders and also the waist band, if there is one.

How to adjust the bag

A JEVA schoolbag is easy to use the correct way, and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of the ergonomic design, if you follow Helle´s instructions in this video, where she is adjusting a BEGINNERS schoolbag to fit in the ergonomically correct way on our cute little model.

8 important facts we want you to notice!

Good ergonomics also mean LOW WEIGHT! Choose a very light schoolbag or backpack, the weight of a JEVA bag is 580 – 985 grams.
Put heavy books close to the body/at the back of the bag – this ensures correct ergonomics.
Choose a schoolbag with an insulated lunch box compartment.
Prioritize functionality, access to all of the schoolbags compartments is easy and uncomplicated, even when the sports bag is in use.
JEVA avoids details that cause discomfort to the neck and the back of the head – for example, our sports bag is located on the front of the bag instead of on the top. This retains freedom of movement.
We find it logical to use recycled materials in our production.
Wide elastic band to fasten the unused strap or to secure the chosen strap position.

Wide elastic band to fasten the unused strap or to secure the chosen strap position

Wash our bags in a washing machine on 30º. Then hang the bag to dry bottom up.

[ps2id id=’back-support’ target=”/]Ergonomical back support systems from JEVA


The foam back has exactly the right number of pads to give the child’s back ideal support, and its design prevents air pockets from forming.
FOAM-BACK fits flush to the back of the child. Together with the adjustable breast strap, the padding and design of the shoulder straps, FOAM-BACK is extremely comfortable to carry.

Ergonomic schoolbag JEVA BEGINNERS with foam-back support
Ergonomic schoolbag from JEVA: INTERMEDIATE


Schoolbag U-TURN, START-UP, SQUARE, SURVIVOR and SUPREME rucksacks are equipped with SUPPORT-BACK.
The SUPPORT-BACK is an ergonomic back with 3-point support provided by soft, padded panels to give ideal weight distribution.

Ergonomic school bag JEVA START-UP
Ergonomic schoolbag JEVA U-TURN


The PANEL-BACK is ergonomic and soft, and fits flush to the person’s back along the entire carrying surface and is fitted with soft support panels that also provide exxcellent ventilation.
The sturdy yet soft foam adapts to the shape of the person’s back.


Don't forget to watch your bag/back!