Lightning U-TURN – JEVA schoolbag

JEVA schoolbag Lightning U-TURN is suitable for children all the way through primary school. Lightning is made of waterproof polyester with a pattern in blue, black and white colours, and it has black zips and trimmings. Includes a black sports bag/mini rucksack from Plast-Team (in black).

JEVA schoolbag with an extra 7 cm adjustment

The 4 padded support points are placed correctly against the child’s back and fit perfectly! The fortified and ergonomically correct back - combined with 7 cm adjustment on the top of the straps - make U-TURN suitable for children all the way through primary school and covers a large target group of children.

U-TURN has a padded tablet pocket in an elevated position, which can also be used as a divider. The lunch box is situated in the fully insulated compartment on the front of the bag and the drinking bottle is placed in the holder on the side of the bag.
The sports bag, which is detachable and can be used as a tiny, separate backpack with adjustable straps, is placed in the flap - if you leave it at home when it is not needed, there is a little extra space for keeping secret stuff ☺

The straps are provided with a wide piece of elastic band, which can be pushed up under the clasp to make sure that they stay adjusted when the bag is placed on the floor – the elastic band can also be used to collect the excess strap to avoid problems, when the child is biking.

Write the child’s name, address, and telephone number in the top flap of the bag.

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H40 x W27 x D18 cm


985 grams


1190 grams


18 + 9 Liters


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