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Indigo SUPREME – large, dark blue backpack

< h2> Large dark blue backpack: Indigo SUPREME

Large dark blue 2-in-1 backpack - Indigo SUPREME is a 2-in-1 backpack with extra good room for books and a PC.

The main backpack has 2 large compartments, of which the front one features an organizer and a mobile phone pocket.
The back compartment features a padded PC pocket. There is also a large front pocket.

On the front of the bag, you will find a 10 liter mini backpack, which is attached by 4 simple clasps, so it is easy to detach.
When the mini backpack is not attached to the main backpack, you can use the adjustable cord on the front pocket for attaching a bike helmet, a jumper, a blanket, a jacket, etc.

SUPREME features our high quality ergonomic back with 3 support points in the shape of soft, padded cushions to distribute the weight correctly. The shoulder straps are shaped and the breast strap adjustable.

Cool elastic bands for adjusting the straps make sure they are kept in place and can be used to hold unused strap.

Indigo is made of a good quality, dark blue polyester with a coated back side, which makes the fabric waterproof. However, water can enter by the stitches and the zips, so for 100% protection against water coming in, we recommend that you acquire a waterproof shell for the backpack.

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Schoolbags since 1956

H45 x W32 x D17 cm


1060 grams


30 + 10 Liters


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