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Sparkles is super nice with multicolour polka dots printed on a blue background and made of waterproof polyester with blue bindings and zips.

Sparkles PRACTISED schoolbag with sports bag

PRACTISED is an excellent, roomy school bag, suitable for the first few years of school. PRACTISED’s book compartment has extra volume, making it ideal for anyone who wants a roomy main compartment.
The ergonomic and soft back fits flush to the child’s back along the entire carrying surface and is fitted with soft support panels that also provide excellent ventilation. The sturdy yet soft foam adapts to the shape of the child’s back.

Like our other school bags, there is a lunch box in the large and fully insulated lunch box compartment on the front of the bag, and there is a drinking bottle in the bottle holder on the side.

The sports bag is located in the pocket on the backpack’s flap and can be used as a separate little rucksack with adjustable straps. When the sports bag is in use, it fits neatly on the front of the bag and the child can still get to the other compartments without the help of an adult. The sports bag can be left at home when it isn’t being used, giving the child an extra pocket.

There is also a padded tablet pocket in the large compartment which is raised above the bottom of the bag to prevent knocks to the tablet when you put the backpack on the floor. The compartment can also be used as an ordinary partition.

There is a broad piece of elastic on the straps to ensure that the straps remain in the chosen position when you put the bag on the floor. The elastic can also be used to gather extra straps when the child is cycling.
Effective reflectors make the child visible.

Write your child’s name, address and telephone number on the backpack’s top.

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H39 x W31 x D17 cm


927 grams


1155 grams


20 + 9 Liters


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