Fandango WALLET

Wallet with hearts for children – Fandango WALLET. JEVA's tiny wallet, WALLET, comes in all the same colours as our schoolbag models BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE i.

Wallet with hearts and pink bindings

Fandango WALLET is one of JEVA’s smart, tiny wallets with velcro and a practical design for children.
The tiny wallet features a transparent pocket for coins with a zip, a pocket for notes, a transparent pocket for all kinds of cards, and two tiny, additional pockets.

The wallet is 13 x 9 cm, when it is closed.

Dragon WALLET is made of water-resistant polyester with a cool heart pattern in purple and pink, and has pink bindings.
Matching our schoolbags, pencil cases and mobile covers in the 2023 Fandango series.

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H13 X W9


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