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Football Striker INTERMEDIATE

Brand new schoolbag with a football print from the 2022 collection. This schoolbag is made of waterproof polyester with a fully printed, black and white football pattern. The front of the schoolbag and the sports bag feature a cool football print. Back, bindings, and straps are all in a radiant yellow colour. Trimmings and strings are also yellow.
Suitable for primary school juniors. The INTERMEDIATE model, just like BEGINNERS, is a perfect bag for beginners covering the first years at school, and with INTERMEDIATE you get 5 extra litres in the bag and 3 extra litres in the sports bag/mini rucksack.

Schoolbag with a football picture

The schoolbag contains an extra-large insulated lunch box compartment for long school days – the lunch box compartment has room for 2 of JEVA's lunch boxes. The drinking bottle from Plast-Team (in black) is included and placed in a holder on the side of the schoolbag.

The main compartment on INTERMEDIATE features a padded tablet pocket in an elevated position, so the tablet does not hit the bottom when placing it in the bag – this compartment con also be used as a regular divider.
Write name, address, and telephone number in the top flap of the bag.

Ergonomics and comfort

INTERMEDIATE is unique with its ergonomic FOAM-BACK, which has gone to school with many children. FOAM-BACK is JEVA’s specially designed back support system with the correct number of cushions to provide support in the right places on the child's back, and the design makes sure there are no “air pockets” - meaning that the child's back and the backside of the bag follow each other.

The padding and the design of the carrying straps together with the adjustable chest strap provide the perfect carrying comfort.
The schoolbag is also provided with a little elastic waist band for extra support, if the bag is heavy. If the waist strap is used, it is important to fasten the chest strap to avoid that the bag is hanging on the hips and not on the shoulders, as this will displace the weight.

The front of the bag features a detachable sports bag, which can be used as a tiny, separate backpack with adjustable straps. Leave the sports bag at home when physical education is not on the schedule. There is easy access to all the compartments, when the bag is being used.


The straps are provided with a wide piece of elastic band to make sure that they stay adjusted when the bag is placed on the floor – the elastic band can also be used to collect the excess strap to avoid problems, when the child is biking.

Because of the multiple reflectors distributed on the bag the child is visible from all sides.

Note that the sports bag and the drinking bottle are included in the price.

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H37 x W31 x D17 cm


932 grams


1160 grams


21 + 11 Liters


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