About us and our values

We began over 60 years ago with clogs, leather briefcases and rucksacks for the many retailers in Denmark. Since then, we have considered it our prime responsibility to manufacture ergonomically correct school bags and backpacks. We quickly adopted a hang tag with a Danish flag and information about the product on the back of the flag, and we have now re-introduced this hang tag.


A lot of thought goes into everything we do, and the relocation of our production facilities from Denmark to China 25 years ago was no exception. Luckily, we found a high quality production site where social responsibility is given high priority, and we have held onto this manufacturer which has enabled us to maintain our excellent quality, correct ergonomics and Danish methods of running a business.

Click on the video to hear Bea tell about JEVA’s story and production principles.

When should you switch from a school bag to a backpack?

Children today change their backpacks much more often than they did a mere ten years ago.
This imposes high demands on the way JEVA creates motifs and patterns for our school bags and backpacks.
We don’t have licences; we spend our money instead on ensuring that we continually develop. We also invest in changing colours, motifs and patterns to make sure we always have a backpack to suit the tastes of children and young people.
We avoid superfluous details on our school bags and backpacks – you will only find features that are actually necessary on our products.

Important information about our schoolbags and rucksacks.

Our BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, PRACTISED and U-TURN models are our school bags and are suitable for the first four years of school.

Our SQUARE, SURVIVOR and SUPREME models are our backpacks. Eight times out of ten, children in year 2 buy SQUARE. SURVIVOR and SUPREME are more popular for children in years 3 and 4.

Our school bags and backpacks are interchangeable, depending on the preference of the child.

SURVIVOR, BACKPACK and BACKPACK XL are suitable for anyone – teenagers and adults alike. These bags are suitable for school and university, leisure activities, a day in the country, travelling and holidays – whatever your need may be.

There is ALWAYS a backpack to suit your child – and you.

skift fra skoletaske til rygsæk

All children are entitled to a school bag

JEVA gives away lots of bags to lots of different countries. If we have old bags we would like to get rid of, or bags with small faults, we donate them to selected organisations.

These organisations regularly visit us to collect bags and pencil cases and we often receive gifts from the countries receiving the donated bags.


You are always welcome to contact us to hear about the options for your organisation to send bags to children in other countries.
Write to us at info@jeva.dk

jeva donerer skoletasker til mange fattige lande