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0,00 EUR
Black SQUARE childrens backpack
backpack with gym bag
insulated lunch box compartments
polstrede skulderremme og brystrem
belly belt
Black JEVA backpack for 2-5 grade

Black SQUARE - childrens backpack

100,00 EUR
Black SQUARE is a lightweight and functional backpack with space for a computer for "young" school children. It features ergonomic back support and space for a PC/tablet. Black is made of black, waterproof polyester with black zippers, and it... Læs mere
Measurements H39 X W31 X D16 cm
Weight 1010 grams
Volume 23+9 liters
MPN 324-51
- +
Good additions:
Black SNAP penalhus
+20 EUR
Circles - reflective stickers, black
+5 EUR
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