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0,00 EUR
backpack for older children, teenagers & adults
Lightning SUPREME
insulated lunchbox compartment
Lightning SUPREME
2-in-1 backpack
main backpack
ergonomic back support
detachable waist belt
Lightning SUPREME
Lightning SUPREME
Lightning SUPREME
isolated lunchbox compartment

Lightning SUPREME backpack for teenagers & adults

107,00 EUR
Lightning SUPREME is a perfect backpack for older children. It is made of polyester with a smart print in blue, black, and white tones, and features black trim and zippers. This backpack is an updated 2022 edition. SUPREME is JEVA's... Læs mere
Measurements H45 X W32 X D17 cm
Weight 1200 grams (mini-backpack 200 grams)
Volume 30+10 liters
MPN 326-31
- +
Good additions:
Lightning BOX pencil case
+19 EUR
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