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Schoolbag for primary school
Schoolbag for 0-3 grade
Schoolbag with gym bag
Mepal Drinking Bottle

Outbreak PRACTISED - Schoolbag for primary school

54,00 EUR
100,00 EUR
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In Outbreak PRACTISED, you get a spacious school bag for primary school/grades 0-3. class, which includes a gym bag and drinking bottle. Outbreak comes in a brick pattern in red and brown colors, and it has black bindings and zippers.... Læs mere
Measurements H39 X W31 X D17 cm
Weight 927 grams
Weight incl. gym bag and drinking bottle 1155 grams
Volume 20+9 liters
MPN 404-31
- +
Good additions:
Alfie reflective pendant
+7 EUR
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