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0,00 EUR
school backpack for 2-5 grade
Pink Lightning SQUARE
insulated lunch box compartments
Pink Lightning SQUARE
ergonomic back
Pink Lightning SQUARE
Pink Lightning SQUARE
detachable belly belt
Pink Lightning SQUARE

Pink Lightning SQUARE for 2nd to 5th grade

100,00 EUR
SQUARE is JEVA's lightweight and functional backpack for 2nd to 5th grade, available in a variety of colors. Here you see it in a lovely pink pattern, which we call Pink Lightning. Backpack for 2nd to 5th grade - Pink Lightning SQUARE!... Læs mere
Measurements H39 X W31 X D16 cm
Weight 1010 grams
Volume 23+9 liters
MPN 324-96
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Pink Lightning BOX
+19 EUR
Pink Lightning TWOZIP
+37 EUR
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