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0,00 EUR
pink schoolbag for 0. - 2. class
2 insulated lunchbox compartments
ergonomic back support
Super Pink BEGINNERS jeva
Super Pink BEGINNERS schoolbag
gymbag included
drinking bottle included

Super Pink BEGINNERS schoolbag for 0. - 2. class

107,00 EUR
147,00 EUR
You save 40,00 EUR
Pink schoolbag for 0. - 2. class: The Super Pink BEGINNERS school bag is sewn in waterproof polyester with a nice fully printed pattern in red and pink shades. This BEGINNERS schoolbag is not only really nice to look at, it is also properly... Læs mere
Measurements H35 X W27 X D20 cm
Weight 911 grams
Weight incl. gym bag and drinking bottle 1040 grams
Volume 16+8 liters
MPN 313-06
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